Arizona Asset Allocation Summit

The Arizona Asset Allocation Summit brings together 100 institutional investors and wealth managers from Arizona, California, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Texas. The program facilitates a discussion on important issues and strategies that guests can apply to their own investment portfolios.

Preliminary topics include:

  • Economic Overview: Trade Wars and Interest Rates
  • Asset Allocator Roundtable
  • Sector Roundtable: Where to find Growth in 2020
  • Managing a Global Equities Portfolio in 2020
  • Manager Selection for Alternative Investments
  • Building a Multi-Sector Fixed Income Portfolio
  • Accessing Markets through ETFs
  • Achieving Diversity When Choosing External Managers
  • Liquid Alternatives Update
  • Opportunities in Real Estate
  • Examining the Risk Profile of Your Commodities Allocation
  • Assessing Risk in Emerging Markets
  • Anticipating and Generating Returns from Volatility
  • Trends in Smart Beta
  • Benchmarking Investments for Long Term Returns

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