White Label Conferences

Your company, non-profit, or publication can create events that support your marketing or branding program.

Now, instead of being one of many sponsors or speakers, you can host an entire event and significantly influence the program in a way that supports your overall branding message.

I will work with you to create a quality conference program that will mobilize your network and position your company as an industry leader. A robust conference program creates a forum where you can engage with your colleagues and inspire an audience who is seeking to advance their industry knowledge.

This makes business sense to you because it offers an opportunity to:

  • Showcase your expertise in an interactive setting
  • Demonstrate that you are an industry leader by driving the dialog among other industry experts
  • Develop new partnerships and business contacts through a content driven networking event
  • Create a revenue stream by providing a platform for outside sponsors and paid attendees

Having produced events on three continents, it is now clear that executives and key decision makers will commit a significant amount of time and travel expense to hear quality conference dialog spearheaded by peers who they respect. Hosting one of these events creates long-term value for your company because when busy executives commit resources to attend an event, they are seeking the kind of expertise that can drive long-term partnerships.

As the conference organizer, I will help you turn your event into a profit center by creating value for sponsors and paid attendees.  By controlling the time, location, and major themes of the conference, you gain great leverage over all of these outcomes.

I have produced successful events over a diverse array of industries and job functions because of my ability to effectively communicate key nuances to speakers, sponsors, and audience members through conference programs and marketing materials. Industries where I have produced successful events include institutional investment, pharmaceutical research and development, sales and marketing, sustainability, public private partnerships, oil and gas, and more.

I am always free to discuss how we can work to create a new event or improve an existing one. Contact me now or call (203) IDEAS 64.

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