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Welcome to First Contact Forums and Events. My name is Dave Hoffman. I produce and host global networking events for institutional investors.

I’ve produced events in regions far and wide including Madrid, Rome, Sao Paolo, Dublin, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Scottsdale, and New York, on a range of topics including finance, real estate, pharmaceuticals, and corporate sustainability.

I’m also a writer, father, and occasional comedian.

The term “First Contact” describes the first meeting of two cultures that were previously unaware of each other. I like the term because it can refer to the first contact between writer and reader, presenter and audience, or even among colleagues in an interactive conference setting.

First Contact Forums and Events brings people together to discover what insights can be gained when enthusiastic professionals share their most inspiring thoughts.  Just like the sparks that result from a match making first contact with the striker, the ideas that come out of these meetings-of-the-minds illuminate the business, economic, and technological trends of tomorrow.

I create large-scale professional conferences as revenue sources and tools for membership engagement.   I have produced global events for non-profits, magazines, and independent conference companies.

A great conference experience motivates people. Value is created when creative and forward thinking types gather to share their thoughts and experiences on the latest innovations in their field.

I can help you with: program research; speaker outreach and management; copywriting; sponsorship sales; audience development; onsite logistics; hosting live events and webcasts.

There is an interesting angle in every situation, and I work with thought leaders, professionals, and other experts to build engaging events based around ideas that inspire.  Attendees advance their careers by creating valuable partnerships to implement the cutting edge strategies that they learn on site.

I live in Westchester NY with my wife, son, and daughter. When I’m not reading, I love hiking, biking, running, and all sorts of exercise.  I play guitar (or any instrument I can get my hands on) when I get a chance, and try to write in my blog once in a while.

Are you looking to create top-notch events to promote your organization? Would you like to present at an event? Contact me at info at

Engage. Inspire. Advance.

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