Career Highlights

What makes my life interesting is what I call my shadow career. I tend to have some engaging creative project or other on the side burner – these projects give me a vehicle that adds spice to my otherwise contented life.  My shadow career is where I indulge my fantasies of being an entrepreneur, writer, and fearless adventurer. In recent years, you’ll observe, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the two worlds overlap.

World Travel

I have produced events on three continents, in cities such as Dublin, Madrid, Rome, Sao Paolo and Berlin.

Here is a video montage of the Private Equity Fund Forum on Spanish Real Estate:

Bachelor Vacations

bachelorvacations-logo (1)


A long time buddy asked me to help create a travel website for “sophisticated bachelors… and guys who travel like them.”  Bachelor Vacations is designed to be a one-stop-shop for single guys of all ages as well as married men traveling without their families. I assembled a team of writers to research and write “top pick” descriptions for hotels, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and casinos at our 20 worldwide travel destinations.

Closing Bell at NASDAQ


As part of a sponsorship agreement for a private equity event I launched in Sao Paulo, my team got to ring the closing bell for Nasdaq in 2008.

Celebrity Interviews

Legendary punk bassist, Mike Watt, originally of the Minutemen, with stints with Perry Farrell and Iggy Pop, turned me on to the DIY ethic when I interviewed him for the Hudson Current.

I was the final guest introduced on the 40 year old Joe Franklin radio show.  I asked Joe “What would you say is the key to a good interview?” He bounced the question to the Amazing Kreskin who answered, “You do something nobody does anymore: listen.” Read my article on it here.

Here is a photo of the crew of Across the Hudson with Carmelo Garcia, a TV show I helped produce, listening to a story from Danny Federici of the E Street Band.



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