Heartland America Asset Allocation Summit

The Heartland America Asset Allocation Summit is an invite-only, closed door meeting that brings together 100 institutional investors and wealth managers from Missouri, Illinois, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Louisiana. The program facilitates a discussion on important issues and strategies that guests can apply to their own investment portfolios.

Preliminary topics include:

  • Economic Overview: Reviewing 2020 Inflection Points
  • CIO Roundtable
  • Sector Roundtable: Where to find Growth in 2020
  • Managing a Global Equities Portfolio in 2020
  • Manager Selection for Alternative Investments
  • Building a Multi-Sector Fixed Income Portfolio
  • Accessing Markets through ETFs
  • Achieving Diversity when Evaluating External Managers
  • Liquid Alternatives Update
  • Opportunities in Real Estate
  • Examining the Risk Profile of Your Commodities Allocation
  • Assessing Risk in Emerging Markets
  • Anticipating and Generating Returns from Volatility
  • Trends in Smart Beta
  • Benchmarking Investments for Long Term Returns

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